Front Parking Sensor

Parking sensor system is supplementary safety equipment that is specially designed for car reversing.It is made up of ultrasonic sensors,control box and screen or buzzer.The car parking system will prompt the distance of obstacles on the screen with voice or display,By installing the ultrasonic sensors in Front and Rear of car ,we could be safer when parking or reversing.

Front sensors start to work upon braking activation,if there is not any obstacle within 0.6m or 0.9m in the front of car(the distance can be set),system displays nothing.Otherwise,system displays the distance of obstacle and reports the distance rapidly with graceful sounds.

For manual transmission,front sensor stops working after release the braking for 5 seconds.
For automatic transmission,front sensor stops working as soon as release the braking.
Front sensors do not work when the car is in reversing.
Front sensors’ detection range:0.3m to 0.6m(defult)and 0.3m to 0.9m(optional)
*LED system displays the distance on the screen and sends out four beeping tone as a reminder.
*LCD system displays the distance of obstacles on the screen with voice alert,or can be matched with four beeping tone as a reminder.
So that it is more relax and safe while parking.

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Post time: Jun-28-2021

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