What are the cars with the lowest failure rate?

Among the many car failures, the engine failure is the most critical problem. After all, the engine is called the “heart” of the car. If the engine fails, it will be repaired at the 4S shop, and it will be returned to the factory for a high-priced replacement. It is impossible to ignore the quality of the engine in evaluating the quality of the car. After the authoritative organization collects data and analyzes it, the top five car brands in terms of car quality are obtained.

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No.1 : Honda

Honda claims to be able to buy an engine and send a car, which shows its confidence in the engine. However, the low engine failure rate of Honda is recognized by the world. The failure rate is only 0.29%, with an average of 344 cars produced. Only 1 car will have an engine failure. By squeezing high horsepower with small displacement, coupled with the accumulation of 10 years of F1 track, to have excellent engine performance is something that many car companies want to do but cannot do.



As the world’s largest car manufacturer Toyota, the “two fields” of Japanese cars have always dominated the global car market. Toyota also pays great attention to the reliability of the engine, so it has a very good reputation in the car market, with a failure rate of 0.58%. Ranked 2nd in the car quality rankings. On average, 1 engine failure occurs in every 171 Toyota cars, and even the legendary GR series engine claims to drive hundreds of thousands of kilometers without overhauling.



Mercedes-Benz ranks first in the well-known German Big Three “BBA”, and ranks third in the world car quality rankings with a failure rate of 0.84%. As the inventor of the car, Mercedes-Benz introduced turbo technology very early, and squeezed into the world-class ranks with more mature turbo technology than BMW. On average, there is one engine failure vehicle for every 119 Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


Post time: Sep-21-2022

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